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Born in Tokyo. Started learning piano and solfege at age of 3, entered and graduated Musashino Academia Musicae. Started learning flute by taking private lessons when in 3rd year of music academy, focusing on flute playing at the time of graduation. Participated Nice International Summer Course in France. After  after working as a piano accompanist for instrumental music students of Memorial University of Newfoundland, returned to Japan. Since then devoting as much as possible energy for performance and teaching activities.

My story

Through the experience of music

Able to feel various countries, its cultures, people, and atmosphere…

Flute playing


Lesson example

In BMG’s thought that meaning of flute playing is expressing the  “language” of “music” through an instrument instead of singing it by  voice. How to “speak” with what kind of tone is not just one element neither of speaking way nor tone kinds, but a multiple importance like a beautiful spun cloth.
So, if you are new to flute playing, how to “speak” the melodies and music pieces by trying to make the beautiful sound you feel so is very very important when you learn how to sound of flute at the first moment.

Piano playing



Joy of playing piano can enjoyed only when you can play piano. The shortest distance to this achievement is to practice step by step by targeting to your desiring pieces of music to play. 

other than online lessons

My services


Flute lessons


Usually, regular flute lessons are operated by visiting your home or renting salon for lessons.

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Piano lessons


Usually, Regular piano Lessons Are Operated By Visiting Your Home For Lessons.

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Music matters

Usually, performance requests are accepted such as 4hands piano, 2 pianos, or flute and piano, and so on by adding various arrangements according to the Occasion or compositions.

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